maandag 29 april 2013

Project Life 2012 recap

So that's it... Project Life 2012 is done.. Took me about a year and a half:-) I absolutely loved to do this project. I loved figuring out new ways to arrange and embellish my pictures, loved figuring ways to document just ordinary every day memories.

But it wouldn't be fair to say it was all good, because it wasn't. The time I have to scrap is limited and man did this project take a lot of time. I spent holidays just working through weeks and weeks I was behind on. And although it was relaxing and I didn't rush myself (obviously;-)), it started annoy me that I didn't have any time left to do any other projects and I have to admit that towards the end I just wasn't feeling it anymore.. But that's allright.. It doesn't bother me :-) Au contraire... I love to look back at it, even though the adventures I documented are not that long ago. Even now I love to see it, so imagine how it will be in a few years from now...

I'm glad I did it... Maybe just maybe I'll do this project again.. Some day when our life is different from the way it is now.. but I'll pass for this year ;-)

Love, Dee

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