zondag 30 september 2012

Photo a day October

Another month has come and gone and this year is passing by so quickly. It's time to start a new photo a day challenge tomorrow. 

Who's joining me?

Love, Dee

donderdag 27 september 2012

28 Blog Hop!

I'm so excited to take part in my first blog hop ever and such a great one at that! Yesterday Jamie Leija turned 28! And to celebrate that she gathered some fabulous ladies to hop hop hop and join in the 28-fun on the 28th of september! Please visit the following ladies along this hop and check out they're 28-themed projects. You might be able to find some prizes along the way as well, so be sure not to miss one!;-)

For the ones that found me hopping along this blog I'll tell a little more about myself: I'm Dee, a twenty something girl from the Netherlands with a passion for pictures (and Instagram ;-)), scrapping, food and fashion :-) I live together with my fiancé in a city appartment and we enjoy life together to the full:-) I use this blog to document my life and share my crafty adventures:-) 

And now.. without further ado my own 28 project: Life at 28 

It's about my fiancé at age 28, 3 years ago. About the things that happened in his (and our) life that year:-) I used papers from Sodalicious for this project as well as the Silver Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Scene glitter foam thickers, a wood veneer by Studio Calico, several washi tapes from different brands and some other bits and pieces. I used a sketch from Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook 4 for this layout. For more (detailed) pictures check out my gallery at Studio Calico :-)

Can't wait to hear what you think!

Hop a long! Here's the list:

Have fun hopping along, good luck winning prizes and I hope to see you back soon! 

Love, Dee

PS: for a chance to win enter your comment on everyone's blog before Sept. 30 8:00 EST:-)

Week 38 instagrammed :-)

Although a new week is already well on its way I still owe you my last week instagrammed.. So here it is:-)

1. babysitting little Tessa 2. sunday pizza time 3. typical dutch treat: kruidnoten 4. pretty orchids 5. fall is coming up 6. new scrappy project 7. pretty pretty morning view 8. yummy treat at work: appelkanjer 9. dinner with work 10. home late after a few drinks in the city with my love 11. gym time 12. new car 13. details 14. easy dish 15. selfie

That's it for now.. I'm off to the dentist... he'll be taking my (3) wisdom teeth out.. Wish me luck!

Love, Dee

maandag 24 september 2012

Sisters in law :-)

Here's a page I made for the Pop Off the Page class at Studio Calico. I loved making this page although I have to admit I'm not really comfortable with the layering yet.. It seems I'm quite the arranged, orderly type of scrapper in a sense that I feel like I need to measure each block and make sure the spacing is right.. So when it came to sticking the papers to the page I messed that up just a teensy bit to get myself used to it :-P

This layout is about me and my sister in law visiting Londen. Loved using the butterflies on this page because both my sister in law and myself love butterflies :-)

For more (detailed) pictures check out my gallery at Studio Calico :-)

Can't wait to hear what you think!

Love, Dee

vrijdag 21 september 2012

Hop hop hop!


It's friday! Yay! 

Today I have some fun news to share: I'm participating in my first blog hop! By this time next week you can hop along with me and visit some really fun blogs while getting a chance to win a great prize as well! I hope you'll join in the fun this time next week, on the 28th of September!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Dee

donderdag 20 september 2012

A tiny sneak

Hi everyone,

Here's a tiny sneak of a layout I finished last night for the Pop Off the Page class at Studio Calico. Had a lot of fun creating this page and love the way it turned out! 

Will post the full layout soon:-)

Love, Dee

woensdag 19 september 2012

Dutch Politics

Let's talk politics! Ok.. not really. Yesterday was Prinsjesdag (Prince's day) over here in the Netherlands. It's an annual event, held on the third tuesday of September. During this day our queen gives the so called Troonrede (Speech from the throne) before the members of the Dutch senate and house of representatives. The speech sets out the main features of the government policy for the upcoming year. Furthermore, the minister of finance proposes the national budget for the upcoming year to the house of representatives. 

Ok, I'm sure most of you have fallen asleep by now;-) I would like to share a bit about another part this day is famous for: the fact that the women attending this event try to outdo each other with the most extravagant hats. Here's a selection of this years hats:

first off our queen:

Princess Maxima:

Dutch female politicians or politicians wifes

And hats of to you too ;-)

Love, Dee

maandag 17 september 2012

Week 37 Instagrammed!

Wow! This past week (and weekend) went by crazy fast! So much things to do, so much things to see, learn and experience. 

1. egg for breakfast in our weekend away with my family in law 2. my nephew on the way home 3. the annual world port days 4. cute pic from the week before. 5. having a 'picknick dinner' on the last day of summer 6. relaxing on a sunday night 7. some scrapping on a sunday night. 8. 'beschuit met muisjes'; a Dutch newborn tradition 9. some gifts 10. election day 11. food prepared by my love. 12. lemon merengue pie at the office 13. relaxing together 14. scrapping and cleaning 15. PL sneak of last week 16. me and my love 17. early morning view 18. sweet treats from a friend 19. 'Zeeuwse Bolus'; a southern Dutch treat 20. Middelburg Corps of the Salvation Army 21. Together with a friend:-)

Have a good week!

Love, Dee

vrijdag 14 september 2012

Project Life Week 21

It's time for another week of ProjectLife. Had quite a hard time finishing this one:-( Notice life is picking up it's full pace after summer vacation which means less time to scrap sadly:-( 

Anyway, I managed to finish this week of PL last night:-) Hopefully I'll be able to finish at least one week per week :-) and maybe some more when I have more time on hand :-)
 The whole spread:-)

The last one with my little nephew is my favourite. Tried my hand at paint splatters and love how it turned out :-)

Thanks for watching!

Have a great day! 

Love, Dee

maandag 10 september 2012

Week 36 Instagrammed!

Here it is! Last week in review.. And what a week it was! A family filled one I have to say! The past week had some ups, some downs... But everything worked out in the end! 

1. sunday brunch together with my love 2. visiting my dad in the hospital 3. blogged a new layout 4. fruitsalad 5. Starbucks iced coffee 6. my two favourite guys 7. my lunch date on wednesday 8. marrowfats for dinner 9. off to work speedy speedy 10. fries and a meatball after craving fries all afternoon;-) 11. Natural - FMSphotoaday prompt for the 7th of September 12. late night snack my mother in law made on our arrival at a familyweekend 13. Little pie monster 14. Pretty weather.. great clouds 15. dinner @ Westerbork, the Netherlands

Here's to a new week! Have a great one!

Love, Dee

vrijdag 7 september 2012

The 6th of September :-)

As you may or may not know by now I'm participating in FatMumSlim's Photo a Day craze :-) Yesterday's photo prompt was 'Everyday' and I stretched this prompt to some sort of day in the life thing :-) Here it is.

Almost every day:
1. I wake up at 7 am
2. I use this moisurizer by Rituals
3. I take this bag to work
4. I pass this on my way to work
5. I ride the bike to work
6. go through this door at work :-)
7. I take my breakfast to eat at work
8. this is my view at work
9.  I have dinner with this hot guy 
10. I come home to see this view 

So..That's what my life looks like at this moment :-)

Have a great friday and a great weekend everyone!

Love, Dee

dinsdag 4 september 2012

Photo a day August:-)

Another month gone! Here's my Photo a Day August by FatMumSlim :-) 

Love, Dee

maandag 3 september 2012

Week 35 Instagrammed


A new week is here again :-) 

Past week has been somewhat hectic, here's a little recap from my previous week :-)

1. CityRace in Rotterdam 2. Wood veneer embellishments (hearts, stars, butterflies, tweets) great find! 3. fitness tops :-) 4. birthday boys 5. My prize from SwissGirlDesigns! 6. Signature salad by my love 7. visited the northern part of my country (Friesland - that must sound funny in english:-)) for work this week 8. Pancakes with bacon 9. KP's stamps arrived! 10. Birth announcement for the daughter of friends of ours 11. Off to work! 12. Gotta love rainbows! Such a beautiful promise! 13. pretty day 14. Delicious cupcakes 15. Spent the evening with my two favourite boys:-)

Let's start of fresh this week and hope for some good times :-)

Have a great week!

Love, Dee

zondag 2 september 2012

Project pinterest

Ok, now that I've proven to myself that I can keep this blog going for at least a month, it's time for a new step in my blogging-life: a recurring subject, a subject-series, you name it :-) To make it easy for myself I'll just start it on a monthly basis and we'll see how that goes :-) My first blog series will be........


In this series I will let myself be inspired by Pinterest to scrap, cook a meal, bake a pie, do my hair, my nails, et cetera. As many of you, I could browse around Pinterest for days on end, but I rarely really use any of my repinned images. And that's a shame, because there's so much good stuff outthere!

To kick off this first month of Project Pinterest with a *bang* I chose three things to be inspired from:-) 

September Project Pinterest #1: Coconut Shrimp Curry

And this is how my project turned out:

I changed the rice for Orzo (a type of pasta). Furthermore I used different types of herbs. I loved the taste of this dish, but it was a little too liquid to my liking. This may be due to the difference in the metric systems:-)

September Project Pinterest #2: Layout with a (misted) sunburst

source: Kelly Purkey

And this is how my project turned out:

For more detailed pics check out My Gallery at Studio Calico

I loved the misted burst and to stay 'on trend' I made an ombre burst :-) Love how it turned out. The wood veneer stars have to be my favourite embellishment ever (as you can see). I love all things stars! And ofcourse I was geeked about getting to use one of my fab KP stamps :-)

September Project Pinterest #3: Mr Huey's color charts

source: Céline Navarro

And this is how my project turned out:

Love how this turned out and it's really handy!

I hope you'll follow me on this Pinterest journey:-)

You can follow me on pinterest as well and check out my boards:

zaterdag 1 september 2012

Photo a day September!

The start of new month, the start of a new photo a day challenge :-) September will be my fourth month and there have been several times when I thought.. 'Ok, this is enough', but I still like it too much and it's a good prompt for my PL, so here we go again!

Anyone else participating?:-)

Love, Dee