zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Photo a Day July 2012 overview

There it is.. My overview of Photo a Day July by FatMumSlim :-) This Photo prompt is so much fun! At first I thought I'd try it for one month (June), but I got hooked.. might continue doing it for the rest of the year:$ It's a good basis for PL as well, I might add... 

Love, Dee

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Ellie Augustin zei

That is so awesome! I always forget a day or so even though I do take a picture a day
:) I love it as well for PL

Nirupama zei

Great pics!! Impressed that you kept up with this.

Claire T zei

I am doing August and I love it too. MAkes you get a bit creative about the photos you take!

Elisa zei

Beautiful - love to see it all together, specially the food ones and the ones with lights.

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