vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Project Life 2012

This year I jumped into a new craft adventure: Project Life. And although it's very time-consuming I have loved every minute of it! I love to look back at the pages I've made so far.

I've heard lots of people quitting or wanting to quit Project Life. Being that it's a very time-consuming hobby I can understand that. Even though I'm 3 months behind, for me quitting Project Life is not an option. This project is so dear to me and I'm determined to finish this year. To keep up I need to keep it simple, but that's allright :-)

From now on I will show you my finished weeks, but in this spread I would like to share with you some favourites of the months January - April 2012 :-) 

These pictures are really dear to me.. We got engaged during the second week of this year :-)

Love the glitter tape by American Crafts

This winter I got to ice skate outside for the first time since a few years; loved it!

Love hanging in out with friends and love all things sweet & sugary, so this high tea at a friends home was perfect! The cupcakes are woodveneers I covered with Zing :-)

New addiction as of this year (as for many of you): washi tape!

Love how this little airplane card turned out :-)

My little nephew, he's so cute!

And for this little card I made washi covered wood veneer hearts :-) Love how they turned out!

That's it for now :-) 

Are you doing Project Life? 

Love, Dee

8 reacties:

Valerie Bishop zei

I don't do PL but I love to see what everyone else is doing on theirs! Yours looks awesome!

Lilith Eeckels zei

Ik vind PL ook super leuk maar vind het moeilijk bij te houden. Hoop er binnenkort terug wat tijd aan te spenderen! Schittered dat jij het volhoudt!

Claire T zei

Yours is lovely. I am on the verge of giving up as I am very behind. I love my album but the thought of catching up is quite daunting!

Katie zei

How awesome that you are sticking with PL! I'm afraid to start, because I don't think I could keep up! Great job :-)

Astrid zei

Hi ik kom gelijk even neuzen op je blog nav je berichtje op het SC Messageboard. Zelf ben ik dit jaar ook met PL gestart maar naar een maand of 3 hopeloos gestrand. Maar het blijft leuk om terug te kijken, wie weet pak ik het weer op.
Groetjes Astrid

Christa zei

Good for you for sticking with it!

Nirupama zei

Great highlights, can't wait to see more as you work on it. The birthday week card full of glitter tape rocks! And, I do love the flight card too. Yay, another convert!!

Caro zei

love the page with the cupcakes, the one how you show your new washi, the plane one and the last one with the blue hearts !

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