maandag 27 augustus 2012

Week 34 Instagrammed


It's monday; a fresh start to a new week. Here's a little recap from my previous week :-)

1. off to the beach 2. fried cod for lunch at the beach 3. ice cream! With disco dip :-) (oldskool;-)) 4. my baby's back! 5. present from my love 6. spinach salad 7. work out time 8. cake by my collegue 9. with my love 10. bad weather coming up, summer's coming to an end 11. coconut shrimp curry 12.PL time 13. tea and syrup waffle on the side :-) 14. scrapping a regular page 15. work out time again 16. salad with asparagus & avocado 17. my two cuties 18. cute little foodie 19. pie at my brother in laws birthday 20. two cuties:-)

Have a great week!

Love, Dee

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