donderdag 27 september 2012

Week 38 instagrammed :-)

Although a new week is already well on its way I still owe you my last week instagrammed.. So here it is:-)

1. babysitting little Tessa 2. sunday pizza time 3. typical dutch treat: kruidnoten 4. pretty orchids 5. fall is coming up 6. new scrappy project 7. pretty pretty morning view 8. yummy treat at work: appelkanjer 9. dinner with work 10. home late after a few drinks in the city with my love 11. gym time 12. new car 13. details 14. easy dish 15. selfie

That's it for now.. I'm off to the dentist... he'll be taking my (3) wisdom teeth out.. Wish me luck!

Love, Dee

8 reacties:

Lilith Eeckels zei

Bah tandarts! Niet leuk! Hoop dat alles vlot verloopt!

Kelly zei

Ouch! Good luck today xx

Amy Coose zei

Great pics, and good luck at the dentist!

Valerie Bishop zei

Fun photos and good luck at the dentist!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown zei

good luck today!!!

Jennie M zei

good luck with the dentist!

JulesHollis zei

Looks like a fabulous week! Congrats on the new car too.

Katie zei

Awesome instagrams! Hope all went well with the dentist!

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