vrijdag 7 september 2012

The 6th of September :-)

As you may or may not know by now I'm participating in FatMumSlim's Photo a Day craze :-) Yesterday's photo prompt was 'Everyday' and I stretched this prompt to some sort of day in the life thing :-) Here it is.

Almost every day:
1. I wake up at 7 am
2. I use this moisurizer by Rituals
3. I take this bag to work
4. I pass this on my way to work
5. I ride the bike to work
6. go through this door at work :-)
7. I take my breakfast to eat at work
8. this is my view at work
9.  I have dinner with this hot guy 
10. I come home to see this view 

So..That's what my life looks like at this moment :-)

Have a great friday and a great weekend everyone!

Love, Dee

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Valerie Bishop zei

Lovely photos but how in the world did you take a picture of yourself riding your bike without crashing? I hope you were standing still!! :)

Manda zei

This is a brilliant take on the Everyday prompt, I just couldn't think of anything creative so I love this.

Sasha Farina zei

love that you're taking the prompt and making it yours. scrap a layout about this particular day.. although it seems mundane, it's part of you!

MelB zei

I've been meaning to do that too! Maybe one day when I have an iphone I will particiate. Love what you have so far. Keep it up!

Whitney zei

I'm doing this too! Stuck on today's though- Natural. Hmmm....

What's your IG username? I'll follow you! I'm wholly

Katie zei

Love your day in the life photos!

Ellie Augustin zei

LOVE IT! I've been trying to do a photo a day I just need to remember to do it I think I am gonna have to set an alarm :)

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