woensdag 19 september 2012

Dutch Politics

Let's talk politics! Ok.. not really. Yesterday was Prinsjesdag (Prince's day) over here in the Netherlands. It's an annual event, held on the third tuesday of September. During this day our queen gives the so called Troonrede (Speech from the throne) before the members of the Dutch senate and house of representatives. The speech sets out the main features of the government policy for the upcoming year. Furthermore, the minister of finance proposes the national budget for the upcoming year to the house of representatives. 

Ok, I'm sure most of you have fallen asleep by now;-) I would like to share a bit about another part this day is famous for: the fact that the women attending this event try to outdo each other with the most extravagant hats. Here's a selection of this years hats:

first off our queen:

Princess Maxima:

Dutch female politicians or politicians wifes

And hats of to you too ;-)

Love, Dee

8 reacties:

Claire T zei

What a cool tradition!

Elle The Heiress zei

I love crazy hats, but I do not get the trend of having the hat on your forehead. It just looks so silly to me. My favorite hat was the pink one on the bottom. =)

Loni Redden zei

I want to try all of these on!

Danielle zei

Het was weer een mooi circus, he? ;-)
Maxima zag er, zoals gewoonlijk, wel weer super mooi uit!

Amy Coose zei

Such fabulous pictures!! Those hats are so fun!

Christa zei

Beautiful photos! Loving all the hats!

Caro zei

it reminds me of the royal wedding in London, we could see on tv a lot of ridiculous hats !!!

em zei

so cool!!!

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