maandag 17 september 2012

Week 37 Instagrammed!

Wow! This past week (and weekend) went by crazy fast! So much things to do, so much things to see, learn and experience. 

1. egg for breakfast in our weekend away with my family in law 2. my nephew on the way home 3. the annual world port days 4. cute pic from the week before. 5. having a 'picknick dinner' on the last day of summer 6. relaxing on a sunday night 7. some scrapping on a sunday night. 8. 'beschuit met muisjes'; a Dutch newborn tradition 9. some gifts 10. election day 11. food prepared by my love. 12. lemon merengue pie at the office 13. relaxing together 14. scrapping and cleaning 15. PL sneak of last week 16. me and my love 17. early morning view 18. sweet treats from a friend 19. 'Zeeuwse Bolus'; a southern Dutch treat 20. Middelburg Corps of the Salvation Army 21. Together with a friend:-)

Have a good week!

Love, Dee

4 reacties:

Manda zei

I love looking at your weekly round ups and I see lots of yummy treats there too :)
I am hopeless at organising mine.

Claire T zei

Your weekly roundups give a lovely peek into your life. Some very familiar scenes and some new to me entirely.

April Michelle zei

I feel the same way, I had such a busy weekend it just flew right on by.

Merrick Dunphy zei

Great photos of a busy weekend!

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