maandag 3 september 2012

Week 35 Instagrammed


A new week is here again :-) 

Past week has been somewhat hectic, here's a little recap from my previous week :-)

1. CityRace in Rotterdam 2. Wood veneer embellishments (hearts, stars, butterflies, tweets) great find! 3. fitness tops :-) 4. birthday boys 5. My prize from SwissGirlDesigns! 6. Signature salad by my love 7. visited the northern part of my country (Friesland - that must sound funny in english:-)) for work this week 8. Pancakes with bacon 9. KP's stamps arrived! 10. Birth announcement for the daughter of friends of ours 11. Off to work! 12. Gotta love rainbows! Such a beautiful promise! 13. pretty day 14. Delicious cupcakes 15. Spent the evening with my two favourite boys:-)

Let's start of fresh this week and hope for some good times :-)

Have a great week!

Love, Dee

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em zei

There is so much goodness in those photos!! Cupcakes, stamps, rainbows! :)

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