vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Photo a day September 2012

I know I know.. I'm so late:-( As said: Life's been crazy, but here's my Photo a Day September by FatMumSlim :-) 

Love, Dee

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deb duty zei

Your collage looks awesome! Just found you on instagram so I can follow!

Valerie Bishop zei

What a fab mix of photos!

Sasha Farina zei

i love looking at photos in a collage like this one. :) i have the same starbucks mug, only mine says 'gold coast' :)

Anoniem zei

Love your photo-a-day!

Caro zei

at least you have done it !! I completely gave up...

Lilith Eeckels zei

Ik vind al je foto's geweldig. Wat een leuke herinnering voor later!

mk zei

Great pictures. Hard to keep up with!

Christa zei

Love them!!

em zei

awesome!! i tried to do this but only made it to like day 10!!

Sherry C zei

Love these little snippets into daily life!

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