maandag 29 oktober 2012

Week 43 instagrammed :-)


Here's some pics of my life last week:-)

1. The two of us 2. Love chocolats 3. PL sneak 4. relaxing 5. enjoying good food on a sunday at home 6. main course preps 7. piri piri chicken 8. more pepernoten 9. breakfast: rolled oats 10. pain au chocolat 11. did some shopping 12. pear, apple & blue berry crumble 13. the two of us 14. working out 15. happy mail 16. my baby recording his solo 17. great view in the morning 18. work out 19. great fall weather 20 en 21. trip down memory lane.. to my old primary school and the house I grew up in:-)

Have a great week!

Love, Dee

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Sasha Farina zei

loving the mix of photos.. you both are looking awesome!!

Anoniem zei

Love your pics! And I agree with Sasha, you look awesome!

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