maandag 15 oktober 2012

Week 41 instagrammed

Didn't get round to it last week, but here's my the past week instagrammed :-)

1. Just the two of us:-) 2. My baby and his cute nephew 3. sunday morning in the army 4. afternoon concert with the band 5. heartshaped stew by my love :-) 6. pea-soup with chicken (also) made by my love 7. gym time 8. hot cinnamon apples 9. ordered a cameo! Yay! 10. Good hair day;-) 11. salad at work 12. pie 13. Queen mary 2 sailing by 14. lovely meal at my parents 15. washis straight from Japan by my mums colleague 16. fresh orchids 17. happy mail from studio calico 18. date night with my handsome guy 19. Blown away festival 20. The Rotterdam Philharmonic in action :-)

Have a great week!

Love, Dee

7 reacties:

Kelly zei

Awesome pics!

Claire T zei

Your week looks full of music and good food! Perfect!

Amy Coose zei

Great instagram pics!

Christa zei

Love that you keep up with these!

Merrick Dunphy zei

Fun to see them all together like that!

Hanna Long zei

love your instagram grid.

Anoniem zei

ooo look at all that washi! jealous!

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