woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Week 39 instagrammed :-)

Late again! Here's week 39 instagrammed :-)

1. preparing a stew for the first fall weekend 2. delicious! 3. on my blog 4. why I love fall (hot showers, candles & hanging on the couch with some tea+ 5. big trip for work 6. for our collection 7. sad face > mouth hurts > off to the dentist 8. appointment for the next day to get my wisdom teeth out 9. preparing soup for the night, because won't be able to eat anything else 10. at the dentist 11. new friends for the day 12. mashed apples for me by my love 13. another trip for work 14. first solid food 15. blog hoppin' 16. my city 17. laundry in the weekend 18. scrappin' in the weekend 19. delicious meal made by mom 20. and dessert :-)

Have a great (rest of the) week!

Love, Dee

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Danielle zei

Wat een leuke mix van foto's!!

Christa zei

Fun photos!

Anoniem zei

Great idea to have all the week in Instagram, I do some and some with my normal camera, but this makes a great collage

Allison zei

I always look forward to your blog posts. I'm going to add your blog to my RSS feed. love your photos of yourself, your everyday. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your fashion sense, by the way.

Claire T zei

What a great way to share your week! Love this! Hope your mouth is feeling better.

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